The ‘Intelligent Species’

I trust you’ve all seen the new ‘Butterfly Effect’ video by CCP. It’s good i admit, certainly grasps the potential of what you can do in EVE. However the mention of a massive alliance war that you could supposedly join because you helped one idiot of a miner who didn’t have the sense to have protection while decimating the molecular structure of roids did somewhat intruige me. Why mention that?

EVE has a ton of features, a metaphorical ton of course. You can become a trade tycoon, be at the fore of manufacturing, mine the most exotic of minerals (so long as you have protection), perhaps oversee all three things as the head of a corp. Why mention the mechanic of the game that involves pew pew boom boom? What is it about this that makes us pay money for this entertainment? For all our accomplishments as a race, i become increasingly afraid of opening my eyes to the obvious, the most powerful highs we get is seeing the destruction of others.

Even if this is in a virtual setting where the only people getting hurt are our great grandchildren (loose reference to global warming because of our computers sucking life out of the earth etc etc) its still intruiging to see that all we humans ever want to do is prove our dominance through the submission of all others. Like the Jackal in Farcry 2 said, “all living things exist to exert their strength” and it’s true really.

I’m not singling CCP out, more or less all MMOs are the same in the way they promote themselves, “save our generic fantasy world today!” or “do you have what it takes?” (‘it’, i assume, being that MMO’s meta-game). And most of the time, you won’t even do all of the things the game says you can do, its either too big or someone before you has taken the top spot and isn’t letting anyone else in.

Most of all i’d say the biggest losers in this fiasco are us. Me. You. Your clan members, your corp members, the people who make up your enemy faction, your alliance. Why? Well much more intelligent people than me have voiced concerns like this much more articulately than myself, yet we still buy into it all. Its the same concept as cigarettes i guess, we know theres a good chance we’ll develop health problems should we smoke them but it still makes us feel good for that short while, we still feel cool. You don’t want to join an MMO because you fervently believe in it or because it can really go places, we all just want it so we have another outlet to display our strength, spread our feathers, to attempt to show that noob across the atlantic that you get the metaphorical ass, not him.

And you’ll do that either by crushing his corp/guild, slashing him with your 1337 sword or pew pewing him into the nearest binary star.

I may have gone off EVE a bit there, but it all applies. So EVE players, next time you extend your pilot license, remember you’re doing it to f**k over your fellow man, hell, if we actually had the social skills we’d steal the girlfriend off that dick of a guy we hated all the way through high school. But we don’t, so get the hell back in your pod. Bitch.



~ by Griffolion on August 12, 2009.

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