Stable at 45%

The title refers to a term used in EVE to describe the stability of your capacitor with all of your ships modules turned on (thats weapons, electronic warfare, micro warp drives, afterburners, fire support modules, the works). If your ship is ‘cap stable’ then, providing no outside interference is instigated such as energy neutralisers, your ship can basically fight forever out in the deep black without ever running out of power.

The reason i say this is because, currently, my brain’s capacitor is stable at 45% while working on my article for the CCP blogging competition held on the 30th of June and to post anything before this will only affect my performance. So in this case, expect nothing between now and the 30th, roughly. Thank you wonderful fan/s of me for staying loyal and for fueling my inflated ego further into the stratosphere.

My next blog will be the similarities and differences of ISK and RL currency. Hope you enjoy.



~ by Griffolion on June 23, 2009.

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