This is an introductory post to introducingly introduce you all to the introduction of myself. Griffolion is the name (add me to buddies if you wish, WT or not) and EVE is my game. Well, not MY game, but it is the MMO i love to play the most.

The elegance of my writing may not compare to the professional bloggers out there and for that i adorn your occipital lobes with “my apologies” but i hope you enjoy what i have to offer.

Until recently, i stigmatised the concept of blogging to those with few or no social skills outside of the keyboard and monitor, those with god complexes or those who couldn’t get on the debate team at school. But today, well, my thoughts on that havent really changed but i did conclude that i fit into two of those categories (numbers two and three; feel free to kiss my feet at any time you wish).

Being new to this i’m quite unsure exactly how long these things are supposed to be, should there even be a word limit at all, but you readers only have a limited attention span for the most interesting of topics (myself included) so, in the words of my old high school English teacher, i will keep my writing “economical”, goddamn bitch.

In RL, i am a student, going for a degree in Neuropsychology. If i could go back two years, i’d do games journalism, but hey what’ya gonn’ do. I’ve been playing EVE for just over a year now (just after Trinity came out, so i never knew the horrors of pre-Trinity graphics, they probably weren’t horrible but compared to Trinity? Maybe). My char isn’t really specialised at the minute, well not in mindset. He has most of his skills in gunnery (T2 Hybrids ftw) and evenly distributed skill levels between electronics, engineering, drones and navigation (about 1 million each). I’m currently in the middle of a massive ‘getting everything up to level 4’ conquest in my skill lists that will take me til mid September to complete; The plan is aptly named “Big Ass Training List” on Evemon.

I’m not a guru on EVE but i know enough to have an opinion, so welcome to the rants an raves of a relative noob.



~ by Griffolion on June 18, 2009.

One Response to “Eden”

  1. Definitely looking forward to reading your blog from now on. Don’t worry about cutting down your posts. From writing my own EVE blog, I’ve learnt that people tend to prefer long posts as opposed to short ones.

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